Worst customer support

Sarvna_SSarvna_S Level 1
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I gave my ROG Phone 2 mobile for service in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India on Nov 28. After big fight with ASUS service they promised me they will deliver mobile by Dec28 (yes, 1 month for motherboard replacement) with 3 months extended warranty for mobile, but not they postponed to Jan 5 without notifying me about they delay. Additionally, now they reduced the product extended warranty to two months .

When I called the Great Asus customer support for the Asus Premium Phone ROG Phone II, I didn't get proper response too.

After purchasing, we have to behind Asus A*s support for our product, they will treat customers like SHIT!!!!

Remember and mind it never ever ever ever buy Asus products again. Their service is shit.

@ASUS - Stop deceiving people if u can't give us fix for the shit u caused.


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