Heavy Latency Spikes while gaming in ASUS TUF A15( FA 506IU)

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I recently purchased ASUS TUF A15 (FA 506IU) and I have been facing this issue where I get massive latency spikes in games that I play. I normally play Call of Duty, Battlefield and RS6 and my ping suddenly shoots up from 70 ms to around 400-500 and even 900 sometimes and then drops back to 70. This happens after every few seconds and I'm finding it very frustrating.

I have checked my internet connection and there is no problem with it. Updated my Windows and graphic drivers as well but the issue still persists. I'm attaching a clip of me playing warzone where the latency spikes (top left corner) are visible. You will also see me moving back and forth because of this.

If anyone's got a solution for this problem please let me know ASAP.


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