ASUS Browser’s four features that you must try!

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Check out why ASUS Browser is the best choice for your easy-browsing experience!


Designed to improve readability!


ASUS Browser integrated Text Reflow technology that helps you read or browse contents more clearly. By zooming in the content, ASUS Browser rearranges the text to fit the screen. It also hides the ads and displays only the main content by simply tapping twice on the screen.



Browse smart, read smart!


If you want to browse a page without those unnecessary ads that disturb your browsing, use the Reader mode. This mode removes the ads from the page and displays only the main contents in full view.

To enable Reader mode, simply tap image  .


You can also highlight or mark the contents that you need, make some notes to the page, or simply copy specific contents and paste them to an editing app.




Read anytime and anywhere with Offline Reading mode!


The Offline Reading mode allows you to read saved pages even without the presence of Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. If you’re always on the go, but may need to browse your page, you can always use this feature.


The safest browser you’ll ever need.


And lastly, ASUS and Trend Micro work together to provide you a secured browsing experience via the Secure Browsing feature. With this feature, ASUS Browser blocks the websites that may detect malicious contents such as spams, viruses, phishing, spyware, and other internet threats. 

Browse with confidence and ease with your ASUS Browser. For more details, check out the Browser app FAQs in your ASUS Support app.


Easy, fast, and secure browsing brought to you by ASUS Browser. Try it now! 


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