Disappointed, strong rainbow effect on a white background

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Just got Zenfone 7 Pro a couple of days ago. Otherwise a great phone but then I found out that the super amoled screen has a strong rainbow effect on a white background, even if you only slightly tilt the screen or look at the screen from the side. By the rainbow effect I mean light green and pink bands on a white background. But if you look at the screen directly or without the white background you don't see the issue.

Here's a photo of a similar issue from an oneplus nord user:

After googling more it's looks like it's an amoled-specific issue. I also found out that my old Samsung S7 has the same rainbow effect but not as severe and maybe that's why I never noticed it. And maybe because Zenfone screen is bigger it's more noticeable. But I have to admit it's quite distracting and I don't know if can get used to it if there is no other fix.

Is anyone having the same issue? Could it be a defect and should I return it?


  • When would you look at the screen at that angle? Indeed it has it if look at an angle at it, but using the phone normally, I never noticed it....

  • In my case, the rainbow effect kicks in if I tilt the screen only a little bit (in any direction) so I'm not talking about using it at deep angles. Most of the time my phone is always at a small angle in my hand but the effect is still seen even at tiny angles and it sticks out if I try to read text on a white background.

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