Missing Game Genie icon when using the Dock

VolodesiVolodesi Level 3
edited February 2021 in ROG Phone 2

I want to disable the on-screen keyboard, but I don't see the Game Genie icon when it's plugged into the dock. If i am not remembering correctly, isn't it suppose to be in the top right of the navigation bar?

I am using the dock with no display's attached and using ADB to see/control my phone on PC. The dock was the only way to do this and have it actually charge when being used.

Clicking "Off" in Key Mapping while in Armoury Crate also does nothing.


  • Hi,

    It seems you use the "Mobile" Mode. You should change it to "PC" Mode if you are not connecting to external screen for Game Genie to show up (same by swiping from edge of screen).

    If you use mobile mode, game genie will only show if on the external screen and to bring the function out by clicking the notification from phone.

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