Earphone stopped working suddenly.

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    Today post the update...I just observed that my wired earphone isnt working. I have done some trouble shooting with other earphones and also tried my existing earphone with other phones. Nothing wrong with my earphone. Anyone else facing this issue?

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    This definitely seems like a software problem since I used a 3rd party app to switch output channel and the mic is working fine then but the plug n Play feature is not working

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    @Anders_ASUS please reply

  • Perform a factory reset and it should fix issues

    I always perform a factory reset after a software update in this device becoz a irritating bugs we get post update and factory reset fix those

    Idk why we have to do this after every update in this device

    I never had to do that on my samsung or OnePlus

  • HI PH,

    If the earphones have gone dead post update, please check under safe mode and also try factory resetting once.

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    I am done with factory resetting during last 2 updates..lost all my data..and now I can't afford to do that. Factory resetting every time after a fota update is absurd. Don't know what's happening with the devs

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