VOLTE Not Working On T-Mobile After .183 Update

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After the latest update which was suppose to have the volte update for T-mobile I'm finding it's not working.

I've checked my settings VOLTE is enabled

But if I make a phone call I'm dropped down to 3G and there's no indication that the VOLTE is turned on

Any idea what's going on anyone able to get VOLTE successfully working after this update?


  • having the same issue here and can't seem to find a solution or get answers.....

  • A moderator reached out to me and I have submitted logs. They are looking into it.

  • thank you that is the only update i have actually seen! everyone keeps jumping to a11 in every thread. If it help it also still says it is not compatible on the t-mobile website.

  • I just spoke to a customer support supervisor. Information distribution both internally at ASUS and to their customers has been garbage. After some digging, they apparently know VoLTE isn't working yet and they're looking to fix it, probably with the android 11 update. I was told not to throw my phone away because they expect to have it working at least.

  • Well at least they are still working on it. I remember reports of people with android 11 beta saying it was working for them. We still have til around Jan 29th I believe before TMobiles new policy goes into effect hopefully we will be on android 11 by then

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