TUF A17 FA706II - 60 Hz or 120Hz?

hariscoharisco Level 1
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How do I know what refresh rate is the laptop screen, without unboxing it and installing an OS?


  • Hello harisco,

    The refresh rate is based on hardware specification.

    So maybe you can check on the stickers on the box?

    or the link you bought the device?

    If you can not find any information.

    Please provide SN in the PM I send you, I will check it for you.

    Thank you.

  • hariscoharisco Level 1
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    Unfortunately there are no "120 Hz" stickers anywhere on the box or the hardware itself, but the seller is advertising it as a 120 Hz screen, therefore I am not sure.

    I've sent the SN via PM.

    Many thanks!

  • Hello! Let me help you with a choice. if you take it for games, then I advise you to take 120 Hz definitely! Personally, I took 60 Xs for myself, since I am engaged in programming, and sometimes I edit scenes for blogs. I also tried playing Whitcher 3 and got a pretty smooth picture. If the price does not matter to you, 120 is your option)

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