Zenbook 14 UX434FLC Dual External Displays

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I just purchase a Zenbook UX434 series notebook. I should have looked at these discussions prior to the purchase. I bought a HyperDrive 12-1docking station assuming (never do this) that the Gen2 USB C would push the signal through to give me 2 external displays. Basically, three displays but only two when the laptop is closed.

Please help me understand what can be done with the rest of my ports USB 3.1(2) 10mbs to achieve dual displays, if possible. Dongle, adapter, or docking station suggestions would be most welcome. If impossible, then I must return the unit. I need the dual displays for sure.

Thank you!!


  • Hello itrgr,

    The USB ports on this model only support Data transmission, no display export.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you Blake_Asus - This helps!

    I know now that I need to return this model to get another. I am looking into the newer Zenbook 14 UX435EG. It touts 2 thunderbolt 4 ports and can have two external displays. If you look at this what docking station or hub would work well with this?

  • Hello itrgr,

    The Type C port of this model support data transmission, TB4 display signal, power in and out.

    As long as the hub or dock station has the same specification, it should be fine.

    You may directly connect TB4 cable to the Type c port if you just want to use the display function to have better performance.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you Blake_Asus - it looks like I'm going in the right direction. I really do want to preserve the 14" book and weight rather than going to the 15+ but you certainly do pay for it.

    I saw a few You Tube videos on TB 4 and frankly I still remain a fuzzy. One video stated that Intel still demands a separate chip to produce the TB 4 transmission. But now also they are supposed to produce an integrated version of it . I wonder if that is the 11 generation intel chip that is in this machine ? In any event, apparently I have to make sure that the correct cables and adapters are used and make sure the hub is compliant and all have the right chip set. I have to return both the hub and computer I bought just to get dual extended displays? Wow - I used triple extended displays for a machine that was over 5 years old and no problem - just bought the adapters and voila (granted no 4k etc.)!

    Thank you!

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