Does ASUS new smartphones for using satellite ?

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As satellite TV is illegal in my country and most people like to have access to the programs on it without using any internet connections. Would you please consider my suggestion or it's better to say my idea as a solution like making or adding a specific channel (like music programs) to satellite so that users could receive that program on new Asus smartphone in future. Although it is my idea for Asus you would forward it to whom it may consider.


  • Which country can’t you watch satellite TV...? And how can you use the phone to watch video without internet..

  • I live in Iran and buying satellite TV is really illegal. my suggestion would be easy to produce for brand company of ASUS. for example ASUS had zenfone go tv ( ZB551KL) that got dvb-t signals, therefore this company maybe can release specific phone with dvb-s tuner and using microstrip patch array antenna, for instance, I saw on internet a array antenna project for dvb-s application by Mr Hans-Dieter Lang which I will forward it to you.

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    Phone will build dvb-s tuner ?

    Would you please let me know phone will build dvb-s tuner with its inner antenna.

  • Hi Hadi Amerian

    Thank you for your asking. I moved your second thread here, please avoid any overlapping thread or message, which may disturb the mods and the users to solve the issue. 

    We haven't had digital TV related product like ZenFone Go TV ( ZB551KL) for years, and I haven't gotten any related information. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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