Zenbook can't get to [email protected] on an external monitor

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  1. System: UX534FTC.306 (Windows 10)
  2. Model: UX534FT
  3. Frequency of occurrence: Always


Detailed description:

I am trying to get my PC to connect to an external monitor at [email protected]

The HDMI port is rated at 1.4, so its not possible to get this resolution/framerate with the HDMI. Is there any firmware update to get it to the 2.0 protocol? This PC has a pretty good modern processor and graphics card, and already has a screen at [email protected], so I don't see why this wouldn't be possible.

If it just won't work with the HDMI, are there any other alternatives? Apparently USB-C to HDMI doesn't work either, but maybe someone has found a solution. It would be rather silly to have a laptop that has a screen at [email protected] but then you can't get an external monitor to run the same.

Thank you for your help!

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