ASUS TUF FX505GT GPU stuck at 300mhz with 99% utilization

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Detailed description:After updating to BIOS 310 the gpu clock always stuck at 300mhz with 99% utilization, i dont know what to do, every game only get 10-20 fps even with the lowest setting.


  • Here is the screenshot in game with nvidia overlay and armoury crate reading

  • I have the same problem, but my asus is a FX505GM and I still get no response from ASUS

  • yup, and this is still happening until now

  • Hello Mohammad,

    May I know if the issue only happen in certain mode? or in all modes?

    Please kindly reinstall GPU driver and load BIOS default setting again.

    Thank you very much.

  • Hello blake , the issue happen in all modes , i already reinstall GPU driver from Asus FX505GT driver website and the issue still persists .

    Thank you blake.

  • Hello Mohammad,

    Does this issue happen when you are not gaming?

    like just watching videos?

    Thank you.

  • Hello Blake,

    It's okay when watching videos or rendering , just when gaming


  • Hello Mohammad,

    There might be an issue with the GPU heat radiation.

    May you help to clean up the fan gently? without dismantling the device.

    Then see if it gets better.

    Also, when you are gaming, how long does it take the this situation to happened?

    like after 20 minutes? or an hour?

    Thank you.

  • Hello blake,

    So about one month ago, i brought this laptop to service center, and they said there is a problem with the fan, so eventually they replace the motherboard. So if this motherboard was really brand new from factory, i think it should running as smooth as i first bought this laptop.

    How to clean up the fan without dismantling the device? i'm afraid it will break the warrancy.

    When i'm gaming, in the main menu it's just perfectly fine. No stutter nor fps drops, but when i starts to play everything just drop. sometimes high clock with very low utilization and sometimes 300mhz clock with 99% utilization.

    I've read some thread to replace the graphic driver to the old one, and im replacing it with gpu driver from asus fx505gt driver website, and the issue still persists. Right now i'm using driver .

    Thanks blake.

  • Hello Mohammad,

    I see. Thank you for the description.

    I have send you PM to ask for more information about the RMA you had.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Mohammad,

    May you help to downgrade back to BIOS 309 to see if the issue double check if this issue only happen in BIOS 310?

    Thank you.

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