ROG Kunai 3 USB Mode random disconnect!



  • AbyXzsAbyXzs Level 1

    Same issue here. :(

  • lan61tlan61t Level 1

    After my previous experiemce with kunai 3

    finally asus replaced me with a new kunai3.

    well the new one is a bad as the last one. Cant pair it through bt, blue light blinking but rog3 cant even find kunai3.

    when using then bumper case, green light on and off, disconected and cant connected back on. Sometimes it work for a while and got disconnected again. There a notification pop up audio acessory detected.

    tomorrow i will bring it back to asus service center indonesia.

    2 out of 2, either it’m super unlucky or the hardware and firmware are an expensive piece of crap.

  • Sorry to hear about your issues! Check your inbox for a new PM from me. 🙂

  • lan61tlan61t Level 1

    Update :

    I went to Asus Service Center Indonesia in Jakarta, they done these steps below :

    1. Clean the connector on the case : using eraser to clean up the connector, because they said it’s a bit dirty
    2. Found that there’s one connector on the kunai 3 that not aligned.
    3. update firmware by connecting Kunai 3 using usb c to c to the side port.

    a few hours of use, so far no more analog dialog poped up, kunai 3 is working with blue tooth, kunai 3 is is working with bumper case.

    They told me if problem occured, i have to leave ROG3 + Kunai, because they suspected that there’s somthing wrong with ROG3 connectors that might short circuit Kunai3.

    In the mean time, i’m testing it for a while.

    My suggestion would be to visit your nearest Asus Service Center.

    They informed me that they for all acessories, that their policy is actually to replace with a new one during warranty time. Outside of warranty time, they can only try to repair it, but they dont specifically tell me, what happened if they cant repair it.

    Asus official guys maybe care to explain it a bit more.

    A few things that i want to ask you guys, please check the screws on the side of the bumper case, mine has turned a bit rusty only after 2 weeks of use. They said the screws have to be black. Is this happened only to mind or anyone else also have this condition?

  • May i know the latest firmware version of kunai 3? coz the my kunai left and right are different version.

  • lan61tlan61t Level 1

    When i opened the firmware version

    ROG Kunai Gamepad II (i know it's weird, because it's actually Kunai 3)

    Left V3.3.3

    Right V3.1.0

    Bluetooth Version V3.0.8

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