ROG Kunai 3 USB Mode random disconnect!



  • Okay @Gustav_ASUS I have finally sent you a video with logs to hopefully fix this issue once and for all. I apologize for the delay but hopefully with this information and video of the issue it will show that this is an issue. You'll notice near the end of my provided video that the controller just disconnects in the middle of gameplay (RGB turns off and the green RGB light turns on to advise of a reconnect once the controller gets detected again (about 2 seconds to get reconnected).

  • Yes! I was experiencing the same thing as well. I provided a video and logs to ASUS with Rockman X Dive as an example. Hopefully we can enjoy error free gameplay

  • I get disconnects no matter what game I'm playing. Just putting my device on a table will cause the kunai 3 to disconnect. Also my BT hand-held mode barely works. And when it does work, only the left controller is working. The right controller has no response. (In usb mode, both controllers work, but get constant disconnects) I'm beginning to think I have a faulty kunai 3 and this is really bumming me out. It's not easy for me to take it to a service center since I live on an island. 🤷

  • There's two reasons why it disconnects...

    The glitch where it disconnects during gameplay which is the issue I have reported and provided evidence for.

    The other is if you leave your phone on and walk away for a few mins without touching any button on the ROG Kunai 3 it'll auto disconnect (USB Mode). But, I'm not sure if this is intended or not. If you want them to reconnect when this happens you need to press home... Wait. Then it'll fail the first time (As in it'll try to turn on and then turn itself off again). Press Home again and it'll then reconnect fine. [It never connects on the first try and that is really weird, so to do it faster I manually remove the left controller and reconnect as that's faster]

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    Same thing happened to my kunai 3. I think its a software update problem, mine started when rog phone 3 forced kunai 3 to update. I returned mine including the phone. Any update from any devs?

  • Hello, is there an update on this? As the issue is still persisting.

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    Hello i s there a fix for this because i experience the same problem during playing

    Also when i check my kunai firmware it show rog kunai gamepad II instead of III

    And my kunai isnot II it is III

  • Please advise if this has been forwarded to the developers for a fix?

  • Has this been forgotten? @Gustav_ASUS

  • Mine has progressively gotten worse. Now it barely connects when connecting it all together in USB mode. And when it does work, it's only briefly before disconnecting again and it refuses to turn back on. Gonna have to take it to a repair center and get it fixed when I'm able. Such a disappointment. Too expensive (for me) to have it broken straight out of the box.

  • @rogeriskira @Sora Synn Gaming Sorry about that! The team has been away for Lunar New Year but I'll give you an update as soon as I can.

  • So any updates yet? Should I send it back, or leave it like this?

  • Hi, I have the same problem.
    When you have the solution could you place it here, please

  • I have the same problem, and the right controller doesn’t work right now.

    i can’t connect using Bluetooth as well

  • Any update? Please advise

  • Came looking for answers to the same problem. Has this been resolved? Any word from Asus? Mine has been turning off while in usb mode, attached to the phone. It has gone worse by the day. The apps used were Dolphin MMJR and PPSSPP gold.

  • It seems to be a hardware defect in some cases. You'll need to report and see if your device falls in the hardware fault category (some cases are software)

  • Don't know why it's so hard for the devs to just release a firmware update.. can't imagine it being harder than the phone's FOTA releases.. just adjust the connectivity parameters and add diagonal input support (8 directions) for the dpad

  • any update on this??

  • It seems to be a hardware defect in some cases. You'll need to report and see if your device falls in the hardware fault category (some cases are software)

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