Audio No Longer Working

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  1. Model Name: Zenfone 6 ZS630KL
  2. Firmware Version: WW_17.1810.2010.179
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Constant


My phone's audio completely died. I can not makes phone calls, do voice recording, play music on Spotify, and playing videos on YouTube or stories on Instagram freeze for a bit then play without audio.

I've already did a factory reset and the problem persists.

Audio Wizard pops an error message: Unsupported Device - Audio Wizard does not support this current audio device

All audio-related tests failed too (Board Mic, Receiver, Speaker).

Edit: I can pair with Bluetooth headphones but it still can't produce sound.


  • Have you tried disabling the audio wizard? -Thats what I've done to avoid the audio issues coz of audio wizard.

    Did it happen after the latest update?

  • It happened in the middle of a game when the audio completely stopped. I didn't notice at first because I had set the volume really low, so I only noticed that I no longer have audio when I increased the volume but there were no longer sounds coming out.

    And yes, I have disabled Audio Wizard but it has no effect.

  • You could try this Android 10 to Android 9 downgrade. It will clean your phone more than a normal factory reset.

    If you're audio is working again after this downgrade, then you may upgrade to Android 10 again and it should still work. If the above suggestion doesn't help, then you need to contact ASUS Service

  • I've finished downgrading and there's still no audio. During the setup, the Setup Wizard freezes when it's time to adjust the call volume and a prompt pops to either close the setup or wait. Either way, I just tap on next to proceed.

    Audio Wizard only presents a blank screen and no error message. There's a greyed out headphones icon at the top-right corner but doesn't interact at all.

    I've tried wired earphones and it still won't work.

    Is this a motherboard/hardware issue now? Also, is there a way to have this sent to service? I shipped this phone from Hong Kong, and I'm residing in the Philippines.

  • Update: I went to an authorized ASUS center and they refused to service my phone since it's not sold locally, which also means parts are not available. However, the technician mentioned that I should wait for an update as it might fix the phone since it's highly unlikely that all three components (mic, speaker, receiver) would break at the same time (unless it was submerged in water, which it didn't). I'll try wiping/downgrading every now and then and hopefully, it fixes, but I'm not keeping my hopes up for a long time.

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