ZenBook UX534F Won't Wake From Sleep Mode & Battery Won't Fully Charge

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  1. Model: ZenBook 15 UX534F
  2. Frequency of occurrence: 1 in 4 times


Detailed description:


I recently purchased this laptop, paid a pretty penny for it too, and already I am having issues with it. This is obviously extremely frustrating considering the price point of this device. Something that costs this much should not malfunction within the first few weeks!

Problem one is that the battery never fully charged, despite following all of the recommendations for first use.

Problem two is that about 1 in 4 times, the laptop will not wake up from sleep mode. It just stays on the black screen. I have managed to solve it each time with a hard reboot, but I would prefer for this not to happen at all.

What is the problem here? How do I fix these issues? I am not an IT person so I have no idea what I'm doing here.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


  • Hello colleen,

    Please kindly check BIOS is updated.

    Then run the Windows update until all KBs are completed.

    And then check in MyASUS to see if the device has been set to certain battery mode.

    Thank you.

  • I bought last week asus zenbook ux 534f but is not fully charge and stop on 99% and shows 4 minute until fully charge but after 10 minute is still shows 4 minute and is 99% and im not use any program while charging . What shoud i do?

  • 1 .i am suspecting many applications are running background , taking power battery.

    1. many applications are running and registered under task's scheduler.

    so delete or disable apps in task schedulers.

    disable running background applicationss

  • Hi ASUS, it's 2021 already and still no news about fixing the sleep issue that plagues many computers in this series. Are you ever going to fix this crippling issue that affects these quite expensive laptops?

    For everyone else, I'm currently resorting to disabling sleep mode and having a black screen saver instead. It works, but of course isn't at all ideal (amongst others, the screen backlighting is still on).

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    I don't have your model , but I have vivobook 15 x542rq , I can able to wakeup successfully with by compatible latest dch based intel graphics driver , which are downloaded from intel official website, not from asus.

    .more over, check processor in laptop is in vulnerable or not is so yes means you must flash updated intel microcode .

    Also you must flash the intel ME latest firmware to Intel processor which is recommended by intel.

    I have done all steps so my laptop is safe and working good

  • I'd very much appreciate if you stopped giving misinformation on this forum. This sleep issue seems to be zenbook specific and has been around for quite a while with a lot of informaiton shed on it. Not only is it zenbook specific, it seems to be specific to the UX533, UX433, UX333, UX534, UX434, UX334 (intel based), their AMD counterparts and other tightly related computers of the same line. I've never even seen any report from the pro or flip lines. The Vivobook series is an entirely separate series of computer that technically belong to the same company but are planned seperately (I know because I previously owned one).

    To your point, I've been updating intel graphics drivers and Nvidia drivers both directly from their respective companies for a while, as well as the bios and other updates from ASUS and Windows from Microsoft but the problem still persists.

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    I am not giving misinformation , if I knew only I give ideas , those will be useful for some models . if your model is different means then don't follow.

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