Scheduled and slow charging option not working

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  • PHPH Level 1

    Right from day one scheduled charging option and slow charging isn't working for me. Every time I enable the scheduled charging option and set the start and end time, it resets back on its own. Is this feature just on papers?

  • Was going to start a thread but found this one. I haven't tried scheduled charging but slow charging does not seem to work. The phone becomes warm as usual and a Hypercharge indication appears. I tried swapping the adapter with a older 5W one (:L) that i have and as expected no temperature increase noticed. Also on the lock screen it just showed 'charging'.

    Tried stopping and restarting Powermaster as some suggested but no change.

    I believe this is one of the useful features anyone could use. Sad it's broken.

    @ARP_ASUS anything being done in this regard? I mean this is a system app and should work.

  • PHPH Level 1

    @ajinkya017 absolutely ...this phone is full of bugs and most of the features don't work. Sad part is basic feature of call quality and L1 widevine is not available

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    I am not facing these issues as of now. This phone is kind of strange in that way with many coming up with complaints that have no pattern. Some even claim that they face no black crush, it is hard to believe.

  • Hi PH,

    The new upcoming update should fix this issue for the users not able to use the feature.

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