ZenWifi XT8 disconnects frequently

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  1. ZenWifi XT8
  2. AC:
  3. Model:
  4. Frequency: Every few days - sometimes more frequent
  5. Reset OS: Network mainly Win10 & Android
  6. Screenshot or video:


New install of less than 1 month -- got it up and running for several days. Was out of the house for a few days and came back to a red LED and no connection. Rebooted but no joy. No idea what's wrong.


  • Still offline. Still no comment from Asus support. Still thinking that I might have invested in the wrong mesh system. Does ANYONE know why this is happening and how to fix it?

  • Same problem here. Disconnects a handful times during the day. The router comes back to life by itself after a few minutes. By looking at the log, it seems to make a reset. Latest available firmware is applied.

  • I have almost the same problem

    the Aimesh node frequently shows poor signal despite the signal is always -48

    the uplink shows 2.4 GHz

    the internet is very slow at the node level


    the nodes always drops the connection

    several trials of rebooting,resetting ,factory resetting both the node and the router is useless

    both are updated to the latest firmware

    XT8 zen Wi-Fi is supposed to be the flagship aimesh of the ASUS company

    many suggestions??

  • I have the same issue, reverting back to previous firmware. I think its related to ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 Firmware version

  • My system was offline for a week, then came up on its own one night. A week later it went down again for a couple of days then came back to life. It been up for a while again but I have no illusions of it staying up the way my old network did. If this is the flagship, I can't imagine what the other devices are like now. ASUS used to be a great product -- not so much now. But, ASUS makes up for being very mediocre by also being quite expensive.

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