Asus Tuf Gaming FA506ii_fa506ii High Ping after 40 min of playng Global Offansive Lover

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  • john215728 Similar issue Hello, I recently bought an ASUS TUF A15 506IU notebook running Windows 10, and I have been having issues of recurring prolonged latency spikes when I play online multiplayer videos games. Every time I play games such as "Apex Legends", "Counter-Strike Global Offensive" and "Garry's Mod", I have this issue. I have a normal latency until about 40 minutes through the gaming session then my latency becomes very slow resulting in severe lag. The problem happens around 40 minutes to an hour every time; it doesn't happen 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 2 hours, or 3 hours through my gaming session (randomly). After my latency spikes, it continues to spike for 20+ minutes, I am not sure if it would return to normal or not.

    What is confusing is I have perform internet speed tests while I was experiencing this reoccurring issue, and the speed test results always show me that my internet speed is normal, yet in the video game I have a high latency.

    A temporary solution I found is to exit the video game program, wait a couple of minutes then reopen the program, after which I can play at a normal latency again until the problem happens some 40 minutes later again.

    To the best of my knowledge I have the latest graphics and network drivers. I have also performed a network reset. Yet the problem still persists.

    At this point I think the issue may be with my computer's RAM (8GB), VRAM (6GB), overheating, NVIDIA settings, or NVIDIA GeForce Experience. The issue seems to be relevant but not related to my internet, but is related to my latency/ping with these games I play.

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