widevine L3 why??? i did nothing but today I cant see netflix HD suddenly



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    There might be a bigger cause for that, too complicated for them to do it via OTA. Vendor keys is one of them. That aside, if someone with root can help to run below magisk module on their device to remove drm lock on Netflix or similar apps and if it resolves the HD playback issue then we have a temp solution.

    Magisk module : liboemcrypto

    One more solution is to custom patch Netflix app using luckypatcher.


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    Hi @jin_akira

    You may update your device if you want. Thank you.

    Hi @aeron.crestfallen, @GarvitKhatod & @KuroiRika

    Please check your inbox and further reply. Thank you.

    Hi @Skrue, @adamferguson2b6f & sutty

    Your regions do not have ASUS official purchased channel for ROG3. Please check with your seller/purchased channel. Thank you.

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    Hi @Christine_ASUS, I also have the same problem. Bought the phone here in Japan and I'm still based here. Could you help? I fear talking with Japan support will take time to make them understand what Widevine is. 😅

    Already sent inquiry and called them up, but was told to do factory reset first. Anyway, I did reset but it is still the same.

  • Hi jaycaminero

    Sure. Please check your inbox and reply me your personal information for further guiding under my case tracking.

  • Apparently happening with OnePlus users right now too

  • Same issue widvine automatically downgraded from L1 to L3

  • Hi Team,

    55K phone is required visit service centre to fix bug development update release.

    Really disappointed ,In Media simply given comments as only smallest number of customers affect.

    Why same customers will ask do the refund for bug units (software problems)

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    I went to service center, and they have my phone (ROG 3). They didn't even know what widevine is at first, and wanted me to contact Netflix.

    I had to explain to them that widevine certification is system certificate, and it is not issued by netflix.

    It has been 3 days without my phone. They gave me an old spare phone, which is slow and buggy, but at least I can stay in contact.

    On the last update from them, they said that the instructions they followed which was provided by Asus , gave them error, and they're awaiting follow up response from them.

    For something which is not my fault, I have to go through a lot of trouble. I went to service center twice on a work day, which is 18KM from my home. I was expecting it to be a quick fix, considering it is a software issue. They would just flash the certificates and I will have my phone back same day. But, it was not the case, because Asus doesn't provide service themselves. They use third party service providers, which service more than one brand. The same service center was accepting Realme and BoAt devices, other than Asus.

    The whole arrangement is less than ideal and not as smooth as I hoped. Given that all their service centers should've received a detailed memo with instructions to solve this issue on the spot if any service center receives a phone which has this issue, or similar software issue that was either caused by OTA update, or their software bug.

    But, unfortunately, it is not the case. The service center representative was not even aware of the situation.

    There is a reason why Apple or Samsung has better after sales service and hence their devices cost little higher. It is not all about electronics and how much punch it packs on paper. There are lots of things that makes user experience better all over, especially after sales.

    Asus is far away from that, and it will take a lot of effort from their side to reach there if they want their customers to trust them and keep coming back to them whenever they need upgrade. Otherwise, unfortunately, this is going to be my first and last Asus device.

  • Same brother I encountered same issue. Service center guys are clueless.

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    That is why I will never bother to go to ASUS service centre until something breaks physically. But your post should be opening eyes for anyone who wants to visit. Support from ASUS sucks(online/offline). I have many examples from multiple types devices(mainly phones) on this very forum.

  • Hi Swadesh

    As we discussed yesterday, your case has encountered unexpected behavior while performing the repair steps and we are now working on it. We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

    Hi GarvitKhatod

    As I mentioned on 4th January, the repair process requires you to provide me your personal information for further guiding. Please check your inbox and reply your information. Thank you.

  • Dear all,

    The issue of ROG3 Widevine L3 is now under investigation for software solution. We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

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    I am being as considerate as I can be. Do you want me to keep discretion as well, and not share my experience with community? Many non tech savvy people won't even notice the phone being downgraded to L3, and when they do, they may have to go through the same pain.

    Imagine if something was broken on the phone by me, would ASUS be considerate in that situation? They'll even refuse to fix the phone without pay in case of any physical, or technical issue. What happens to the "consideration" in that situation?

    Will you be considerate enough to give me a replacement, instead of having me wait for days to fix your mistake?

    You're representing a multi-billion dollar company, not an individual who's running a startup. So, it is time that community as well the staff stopped acting as such.

    I am pissed because that phone is authorized at the company I work at, and it is the only phone where I can receive notifications and messages other than my laptop from the company for security reasons.

    I am being vocal on the forum, because I want everyone else to know how it is being handled, and what others may have to go through if they choose to get it fixed from service center.

    It is day 4 since I dropped my phone at service center.

    Edit: I don't know when we discussed about the update. Because this was our last conversation.

    I had to call service center to get the update. We didn't discuss anything.

  • You're not tech savy either or else you'd known that the downgrade was a mistake from qualcomm and not ASUS. OP, Motorolla, ASUS and Oppo have already had plenty of users complaining about it already. But thickheaded people here in the forums clearly like to fault ASUS for things they have no control over, same with the entire Google assistant fiasco.

    The only thing I find strange is that the L1 certificate is purely a software issue and I don't see any need to send any phone to a service center.

  • I am not faulting Asus for downgrade, but how they're handling it and how their service center is outsourced to third party who have no idea what is widevine to begin with.

    They're handling it terribly. 5 days to re-flash a certificate? Lol.

    First they're sending pm to everyone as if they're giving everyone a solution. But all they do is send you to service center. The service center is totally unprepared to handle it as they don't even know what they're supposed to do, and what widevine is.

    Also, you should stop going through the forum and acting above everyone. It is not your job, have some life.

    Knowledge should come with wisdom not show off.

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    I am not faulting Asus, but how they're handling the situation. FIrst of all they're sending everyone private message as if they've a solution. But, all they do is send you to the service center. Don't get me started about their service centers. They're all outsourced to third party service providers. They had no clue what widevine is when I went there.

    Many other companies suffered from Widevine downgrade in the past as well. I don't have experience with all of them, but my Oneplus 7 Pro had this issue as well, but it was rectified by an OTA update. And no one sent me to service center, and had me live without my phone for days after ensuring me that I may get my phone back same day, or next day. Especially when it is either their mistake or their vendor's.

    Asus is not a start up company whose actions can be ignored. It is a multi-billion dollar company which should know better. It doesn't matter whose fault it is, if it is not handled properly, Asus is at fault. Period.

    Do you buy an iPhone and blame sony when camera is not working as advertised?

    Also, you should stop going through all the forum posts pretending you're above all. Have some life, and stay on topic. No need to demean someone in order to prove your point. You can always say things wisely. Knowledge comes with wisdom, not with show off.


    Update: Service center informed me that they're still waiting for response from Asus after their initial attempt to flash the certificate failed. They followed exact steps that Asus gave them, but it failed. It has been more than 36hours and counting for Asus's response on the matter. As soon as this billion dollar company figures out how to flash certificate on a phone without error, it will be fixed. Great!

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    Called service center on 9th Jan at 3PM local time. They have no update about phone, and they've no idea what is going on. They said. "I should call ASUS on toll free number for any update and not them."


  • @Christine_ASUS After suffering from SD content on Netflix for a while and blaming my network provider for the same, I recently checked to the utter horror that my device lost the L1 certification. I came up here in search of a solution. Please advise as to how do I proceed from here. I believe is been around 2 months since I've not been able to stream HD content which means around two months since the L1 certification was relegated to L3.

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