Battery Drain Issues Due to Memory Card

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I bought the Samsung 128gb memory card(SdXc).For a few I have been using it there was no issues.And when the storage on the memory card exceeded 35% I started experiencing battery Drain issues.Battery drained a lot faster.Media and Android system is the majority Battery Drainers.When restricted also the drain was the same,I removed the Memory Card and but still the drain was there.Then I reset my phone,There wasn't any issues,battery was fine.To check again I inserted my memory card and the issue came back again.i did a reset again for this go away.Phone gets heat while having the memory card inserted.But for 1 and half week I faced no issues in the memory card.My phone is not rooted running the stock is.Is there a way to solve this.

Help needed.

Thanks in advance Fellas.


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