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is it possible to add a feature to disable contacts in direct share? For example like Samsung.

The direct share don't works good. It always recommends false people.

Thank you


  • Do you mean nearby share and where do these "false people" come from? Are you standing in a crowd while sharing?

    I've never used this feature myself with more than two visible devices, so you're welcome to upload a screenshot of your issue. This way it's easier for me to understand why we need the feature you request.

  • No, I mean sharing from any app. If you use the sharing button (for example on gallery) then opens the apps where you can send it to. And on the top of it some poeple. And this are always wrong people, not the most used. For me there are some random users from twitter oder telegram, I have never written... (Example from internet:

  • you can read it for samsung at androidpolice .com --> how-to-disable-androids-annoying-direct-share-pop-up-on-the-share-menu-samsung-lg-and-google

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