How do I pin the Camera’s 4x1 and 1x1 widgets to my Home screen?

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The new widgets for Camera app allow you to launch your favorite modes directly from your Home screen. You can group up to 4 modes by using the 4x1 widget or separate each mode by using 1x1 widget.

To pin widgets:

  1. Tap image to launch All apps, then tap WIDGETS.
  2. Tap and hold Camera 4x1 or Camera 1x1 widget, then drag it to your Home screen.


  3. Selecting modes depending on type of widget that you want to pin to your Home screen:

    If you select the 4x1 widget, select 1 to 4 camera modes that you use most of the time, then tap OK.


    Note: You can also rearrange order of the modes in this selection. Just tap and hold image then drag the mode to your desired position.

    If you select the 1x1 widget, simply tap to select your desired single mode.


  4. When the modes are pinned to your Home screen, simply tap on the mode to automatically launch.

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