Audio Wizard Suggestion (Custom Profiles/Auto Switch)

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

Would it be possible to add Audio Wizard profiles for bluetooth devices you have piared besides the ASUS products? It would be great as ASUS doesn't have wireless buds and I would like a profile for my buds but when I disconnect it goes back to my normal settings. (Auto switch depending if you're connected to your bluetooth devices) [I notice this doesn't happen with the ASUS products either as you have to manually change the profile].

TLDR: Custom profiles for each bluetooth device that is paired and Add auto switching to Audio Wizard to load your custom profile for your paired bluetooth device or system onboard speakers.


  • @rogeriskira Thanks for your suggestion!

  • Rog 2 has that setting... I love the wide preset and hearing setting, you can also save profiles per device... I thought they retained it with Rog 3 but didn't.. spent a lot on audio device and a third party EQ just to have similar profiles on my devices...

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