Rog 3 backlight issue

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I have asus rog 3 and for the system lighting or the back light I have only 2 colors like blue and green and whatever I try to choose other colors then nothing happens and remains on blue, also note my phone is tencent edition


  • @alajmi.zr1

    If you have a Tencent-branded device flashed with global firmware, that might be the root cause of your problem. If possible, we recommend you contact your reseller about a refund, since it's an unsupported configuration that we can't guarantee will work.

    You can also try clearing the storage and cache of Armoury Crate by going to:

    Long-press Armoury Crate app icon -> App info -> Storage & cache -> Clear both and reboot your device.

    You can also try a factory reset and see if that solves your issue. Remember to backup any personal data you wish to keep beforehand.

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