Passthrough charging

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  1. Model Name: ZF7PRO
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I'd like to know how that works as I read that not only ROG 3 but ZF7 also supports passthrough charging. AFAIK on ROG it's an option in Game Genie but such option is missing on ZF7. I've read in some reviews that if you have charging limit set (80 or 90%) once it reaches the limit it stops charging the battery and passthrough charging is used. I checked that with Ampere app and it says not charging when charging limit is hit. Finally my question:

Is it ok to let the phone plugged in on the cable all day long while I'm at work?? I mean is really passthrough charging working that way and I can safely do it like that and unplug when I leave from work and enjoy "fully" charged battery??


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    I have thought of the same thing myself. to have tested it with ampera like you on android 10 oh then charged it a bit, I do not remember how much, but now in android 11 it is in neutral.

    I can not find my ampometer but will buy a new one and test the power adapter during the week

  • that could be a way to find that out but it would definitely show some consumption because I'd like to have apps running and device awake while being plugged to the charger because that's what's this about, phone getting power directly from the cable and not getting in from battery while battery not being charged

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