Gustav_Asus: Notification Question

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Hi Gustav_ASUS. Someone recently shared screenshots of a Armoury Crate push notification sent by you. It was a Diablo Immortal pre-registration ad. Double-checking that it was authentic and not a prank or photoshopped.

  1. Did you send the notification 7 days ago?
  2. Was it sent to all ASUS ROG Phone users or only to Canadians?
  3. Was the ad sent in partnership with and by request of Blizzard Entertainment?

Looking forward to hear from you,



    1. Users who subscribe to common topics like 'ROG Phone 3' and 'Gaming news' on ROG Connect got the notification.
    2. Neither, see above.
    3. No, it was a regular content post written by me to generate hype for an upcoming game that I see the community talk about.

    Hope this clears everything up!

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