Why the screen "auto" dims down at picture review after camera taken the picture

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I just bought a new Max about a week ago and noticed at picture review, after camera taken the picture, the screen "auto" dims down.

Not sure if this is a software bug or common issue with this model.


  • Hi mealone43

    Are you asking ZenFone Max M1 or M2, ZB555KL or ZB633KL?

    The screen will be brightened up while you open the camera app so that the camera screen can present real brightness to photographers. I suppose that it is why you notice a "dim down" while change from camera app to other apps. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to let me know.

  • Hi Ms Christine, thanks for your input.

    It is M2, ZB633KL.

    Yes. In camera app, it brightens up. But to me the dimming was "too much" until I'm unsure if the captured picture will turn out the same. If the brightness stays the same as the camera app, it will be perfect in my opinion. I tried playing the EV setting, increasing 1 stop and in the camera app, it became too bright. If this EV setting is similar to my other existing ZenFone 4 selfie, will be "great". I under is because this M2 doesn't come with ZenUI so may settings are not available. Other than this brightness issue, I quite happy with this M2. FYI this M2 is my 5th ASUS ZenFone. I suppose after this M2, ZenFone 5 could be my next target. Well I'm looking forward to hear your comments to the brightness experience I had and perhaps offering a "solution"? Thank you.

  • Hi mealone43

    Thank you for your reply. As you mentioned above, I suppose you understand the difference of the interface design between M2 system and ZenUI system. I just tried to set the 50% brightness>go to camera app>take a pic>tap picture review, and the brightness is directly back to 50%. If your brightness flow is as mine and you want custom brightness settings in ZenFone Max M2, kindly check some third party app for further assistance. If your brightness flow is different from mine, please try to access Safe Mode (check on any disturbance from the installed 3rd party apps) or perform the Factory Reset.

    # How to enter and exit "Safe Mode"


  • Hi Ms Christine, thanks for your valuable inputs.

    I tried safe mode but still the same. I tired increasing the lightening to about 85% and the dimming effect seems much less noticable. So I can only conclude, in my opinion, the phone software has a "bug" in controlling the "auto brightness" and its affecting the picture preview as all my others ASUS Zenfones never had such issue even on my working ASUS Zenfone Go.

    So I'll guess I have to live with this on this phone till it gave up on me or vise versa.

    Next I like to know if I can upgrade it from android 9 to 10 and if possible how I should go about to accomplish this upgrade. Please kindly advice.

    Lastly I've noticed Max M1 has zenUI but not Max M2. It will be great if Max M2 comes with this zenUI and I will be another happy loyal Zenfone customer.

  • Hi mealone43

    Thank you for your asking. You can update to Android 10 beta version by downloading WW-17.2018.2004.31 to the root directory, aka the outermost place, of internal storage. Reboot. Tap the system update notification. Please do backup your data and upgrade to Android 9 version WW-16.2018.2005.64 or the newer version before you perform the update steps.


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