So close to a no compromise phone, but not quite there yet

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Dear Asus Sir/Madam,

I was about to buy the ZenFone 7 for it has NFC, a full display with more or less even bezels, no notches or camera holes, dual speakers, an OLED/Always On Display, dual SIM (and even expandable storage), and a fast fingerprint reader (and even face unlock). But there are a couple of features missing that made me hold off on the purchase.

I know Asus as a no compromise brand (as for computer motherboards, graphic cards, monitors, and the like) while being priced competitively.

Simply add these things and you've got a winner, as well as the only phone in the world with all of it. This means you could easily add $100 to the price while it wouldn't cost nearly as much to add these features:

1) Wireless charging. No need for it to be super fast (9-15W is just fine). It simply would need to be there for those who would like to use it or who already have Qi chargers lying around due to older phones having it.

As for me personally, I just like to lay my phone on a charger without fiddling with any cables and potentially damaging any port (let alone with it being the only port on the device in this situation). No reversed wireless charging needed (especially if feature 3 is included), and I don't care nearly as much about fast wired charging which is nice to have just when in a hurry to charge the device.

2) Notification icons on the Always On Display. I know people have brought this up already and it should be possible to add with a software update. Simply so that one knows whether a notification is worth their attention. Other manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Google, Vivo, Motorola, etc) show notification icons already.

3) A 3.5 mm headphone/microphone jack. It's the only downgrade from the ZenFone 6, and it would make it an actual no compromise phone and the only one in the world for that matter (the recently released LG Wing is the only one that comes close, and that's an expensive high-end phone due to the additional wing/swivel feature).

Being able to use wired head/ear/microphones while being able to charge the device at the same time, and not having to charge and carry an extra device besides the phone is something still many people desire. The only other solution for this would be having 2 USB-C ports on the device for use with a USB-C to 3.5mm dongle, but clearly that is highly unusual and unnecessarily difficult.

Please, I beg you, include these features in the next iteration of the phone and conquer the world with it. I think Asus is the closest to producing the "perfect", no compromise phone, yet for some unexplainable reason decided not to do so already.

I hope it helps! Thank you!


A power smartphone user who cares more about user experience than camera qualty, stuck to a 2.5 year old phone with bezels but everything else in place for that no phone has since.


  • Thank you! Please look out for future products ;)

  • I've never once felt a need for wired charging. I'm talking about the "wireless charging" gimmick of course. Wireless charging doesn't exist. What is that thing that you need to 'fiddle around with' for the base? Oh yes, that's right - it's a wire. Personally I love the fact I don't need to remember to lug a silly extra base around with me and can just plug straight into a wall - and with a 5000mAh battery that's going to take a silly amount of time to charge up wirelessly.

    I too care about the overall experience but I do really care about the photo quality. ASUS would be very wise (not suggesting for a moment they're not wise already 😜) to maintain their ever improving photo quality because that's 80% or so of what the paid up by Samsung "independent" Android review sites always harp on about.

    The one thing I long for is water resistance - though the current flip camera choice sadly cancels this out.

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