How do I move the files from my device to my Google Drive account?

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Move the files to your Google Drive account if the internal storage of your device is full or if you want to release more memory.

Before moving the files to Google Drive storage, ensure that you have a Google Drive account.

To move the files from the device to the Google Drive storage:
  1. From the File Manager screen, tap image then tap the storage of the files that you want to move.

  2. Tap the folder to open, then tap and hold one file to display the checkboxes. 

  3. Tap the checkboxes beside the filenames to select the files.

  4. After selecting the files, tap image.
  5. Tap image then tap your Google Drive account.


    Note: If it’s your first time accessing your Google Drive account via the File Manager app, the ASUS ZenUI services popup screen appears to ask permission to access and manage your Google Drive account. Tap OK to allow permission and access your Google Drive account.
  6. On the Drive screen, tap image.
  7. Wait for the system to upload the files to your Google Drive storage.

After all the files are uploaded, you can now manage your files in your Google Drive storage.
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