How to use All Smiles?

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Use the All Smiles feature to capture the perfect smile or the wackiest facial expression from a range of photos. This feature lets you take five consecutive photos after pressing the shutter button, automatically detecting faces on the image for you to compare and save the best photo with the best smile.

Note: Only the rear camera supports The All smiles feature.

To capture photos using All Smiles:
  1. Tap image from the Camera app, then tap All Smiles.


    In this step, the camera detects the smiling or wacky faces of your subject and marks these faces in green frames.
  2. Tap the image button to start capturing photos.
  3. On the Select faces screen, tap the face then select the best smile or wacky expression you want.

  4. After you’ve selected the best smiles, tap anywhere on the screen then tap image on the upper right corner to save the photo in Gallery.
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