How to use Miniature mode?

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Miniature mode, also known as diorama effect, allows you to capture photos into a small-scale model of the life-size subject. When you took a photo using this mode, the camera blurs the top and bottom part of the photo, and focuses its lens on the center part creating an illusion of miniature. 

Miniature mode works best when taking photos of distant subjects, like street view or a crowd being captured from a higher ground.

To capture photos or videos using Miniature mode, tap image from the Camera app, then tap Miniature.


In the sample photo above, the focus of the camera is at the center, from left to right edges. The focus is represented in two broken lines that also serve as a guide to capture the focus you desired.

When using this mode, you can set the focus area and adjust the blur effect, size, and saturation before pressing the shutter button.

To use Miniature mode:
  1. Tap image or image to select a focus area.
  2. Use two fingers to adjust the size of the focus. You can also rotate your two fingers to adjust the position of the focus. 
  3. To increase or decrease the blur effect, move the blur slider toimageorimage.
  4. To increase or decrease the saturation, move the saturation slider to image or image.
  5. To zoom in or zoom out, move the zoom slider to image or image.
  6. After applying the desired settings, tap image.
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