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Hello ASUS R&D team,

I need to ask and I am pretty sure almost all owners of ZENFONE 6, why ASUS is not making cases for ZENFONE 6 with lock, like with ZENFONE 7, while adding a little tweak to the lock for ZF6? Because when it's in my pocket it makes a rattling sound when I walk, which doesn't feel as premium.

Defying ordinary means you have to take an extra mile to give customers the extra ordinary experience. You are building a ecosystem for your brand but you are missing out on accessories and their availability, even in the ROG PHONE 2.

As a customer I don't need any excuses in comments section if I am willing to pay for the product. So, give a clear response answering why?

You have created such a complex device, I guess designing a case proprietary to ZENFONE 6 shouldn't be a problem for the team.

I wonder why no third party manufacturer thought of it, they could earn some real money that ASUS has left on the table. But I guess its just a matter of time.



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