Rog Phone 3 Black Crush Issue and mic issue

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Still not fix for black crush. Looks like ASUS are just ignoring people. I tried to get a refund from my retailer ( but they continue to ignore my emails.

Also mic issue. Whenever I use the loudspeaker for a phone call, the person can't hear me at all. What a joke.

Asus have gone downhill and they think by ignoring messages everyone will forget. Idiots.

My advice to anyone who's trying to get a refund from retailers and are not successful. KEEP SENDING EMAILS. And then get evidence of your emails, evidence of these faulty phones, and take everything to your bank and ask them to do a "charge back" under the consumer act . Your bank will get your money back for you.

Asus don't care, the retailers done care either. Asus knew about this black crush issue before they released the phone but still decided to release it anyway (because they had produce millions of units and thought people wouldn't notice, they didn't want to lose money so decided to steak our money)



  • "Still not fix for black crush. Looks like ASUS are just ignoring people."

    The ROG Phone 3 has been improved continuously for the last handful of updates in regards to black crush. I'd like to think that's the opposite of ignoring people. We're looking at further improvements for video performance, especially on lower quality encodings, and the next FOTA should bring further tweaks to the display.

    As for your microphone issue, I can send you instructions via PM on how to log your device so our developers can take a closer look. Check your inbox!

  • Hi, looks like loudspeaker issue was fixed with latest update, so that's fantastic!

    Howber, the black crush issue hasn't really gone away for me. Also the grainy black color when having low brightness needs to be fixed too please

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