Got stuck on asus logo

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MY asus zenfone max pro m2(ZB630KL) got stucked on asus logo suddenly.And i can't boot the device.

what i have to do?


  • Known issue. Happens to many users. Try contacting your local official support on the main ASUS site. If you're in India then you may be lucky, ASUS apparently cares about their image there. You may very well get a free replacement phone, since what you have now is basically a hard brick caused by ASUS themselves.

    I have a Max Pro M2 that died to it, and in my country I'm not so lucky, ASUS doesn't care and has told me to repair it with my money, which is basically a replacement of an entire motherboard. The cost of such repair is about TWO used ZB630KLs in good condition. Go figure.

    Screw this.

  •  Hi, please check your inbox for the private message I've sent you, since the further information that we need involves your personal information. Thank you.

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