ZenBook 15 UX533FD cant adjust brightness (Solved)

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  1. Model: ASUS ZenBook 15 UX533FD
  2. Frequency of occurrence: 30 minutes ago on 0000hrs of 15 November
  3. Reset OS:
  4. Screenshot or video: Nil i cant seem to upload anything. my Laptop went haywire after the stupid zoom screen sharing!!!1
  5. Battery or AC: AC

Detailed description:

  1. System: Windows 10B========================BI was using zoom for screen sharing, so i was screen sharing my document on zoom. Thereafter, every click i make on the screen sharing, my screen will flicker to a black display for about 1 second before displaying back the screensharing. So I was alittle frustrated and so i clicked a few times and closed zoom and all remaining application and restarted the computer
  2. Here comes the problem, after turning on, my screen resolution was enlarged (but i fixed it by changing it back to 100%). However my screen brightness is adjusted to maximum and there is not option to drag and change it. I even search online to adjust it on the power options but the brightness option is not even there. PLEASE HELP IM GOING CRAZY AS I need MY LAPTOP everyday for school work. The screen BRIGHTNESS IS making me nuttttss


  • Sorry it was fixed after checking for windows update. finally my brightness issue is solved

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