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I have found really great problems regarding game gennie

1. navigation blocking can't block swipe back button and when i play games and try to swipe it shows back arrow which is very shity and i alwys got busted ...

2. when i open whatspp on magic genie it makes my game on portrait mode sometimes really disgusting


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    Game genie can completely block out the status bar and navigation bar. Maybe you just haven't enabled that function yet. Go to settings>advanced>game genie, look for the navigation blocking menu and select both "block status bar" and "double swipe to access game genie" and it should block everything once you activate Navigation blocking in your game. Keep in mind the "swipe to go back" function will still be active since that's the only way you can get out of your apps but you'll need to swipe twice instead of just once. There is no way to block the swipe arrow.

  • Thanks Craven.

    lazydevil789 Let me know if this clarifies your questions.

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