[Solved][Zenfone 4 Max ZC554KL] Camera not working/dark

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Hi, referring to topic with not working camera after update android, here is problem solving (works for me after 2 days of fighting)

  1. Open up the back of the phone
  2. Unplug battery
  3. Unplug both Camera from slot
  4. Plug battery
  5. Boot phone
  6. Turn on phone and start the Camera app and check front camera
  7. Turn Off phone and Install the MAIN CAMERA FIRST!!! (camera on the right side)
  8. Turn On your phone and start the camera app ( THE CAMERA WILL LAUNCHED)
  9. Turn Off your phone and Install the wide camera (the camera on the left side)
  10. Turn On your phone and Start the default camera app ( BOTH CAMERA WILL WORK)
  11. Enjoy! And don't throw your phone


  • Hi Xboyzer,

    I would like to know, if this has finally solved the Camera-Problem, or if it occured again.

    Greatings from Bonn

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