Zenfone Max Pro M2 bootloop, no recovery, only ASUS logo and fastboot

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Not sure which version exactly, the phone is my girlfriend's.

At a certain point after a 2020 update is started lagging and crashing often. Ultimately it entered an infinite bootloop on the ASUS logo. Seems like a lot of people have the issue, is ASUS even doing anything about it?

If you press volume up and power it actually goes into CSC fastboot. Haven't messed with adb in that state yet, but people seem to report that it's locked and doesn't accept flashing.

Volume down and power just makes it either go into a blank state (black screen), or it starts having an instant restart. So far there is no "classic" recovery that I can see or get access to. So I can't hard reset it or anything (if the motherboard is even still alive).

There's one service centre in my city, I'm going to try and contact them, but so far I absolutely refuse to pay for anything, and so does my girlfriend. It's not the cheapest phone and definitely not budget class, and it's clearly ASUS have messed up here. And I actually love the phone, especially the stock UI, massive battery and pretty good camera. It's really sad to see it just die out of nowhere and the ones to blame are its makers.

Ideally, I would like a replacement if it really did fry itself somehow over an update.


  • This is a known issue in India. In India, I know they will provide free repair after confirming that the analysis is the same result. If your are from other countries, just simply hardware issue by your usage behavior or bad luck.

  • I'm in Russia. It's a widespread issue here, too. Our phones are doing just the same. However, our local support refuses to acknowledge it as an issue, or offer replacements.

    Not an issue created by the consumer, and not exactly bad luck. Again, many people are reporting it here, too. It just does that after a certain point, possibly after a bad update, or maybe motherboards are defective.

    Either way so far here ASUS has refused to give anyone ANY support if their one year warranty is over. They themselves basically say that we should pay for the repairs. What a joke.

  • For entering in recovery mode

    Switch off your device

    Press and hold volume down and power button together

    Don't leave these button until u see asus logo

    As asus logo appear leave power button but don't leave volume down button

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    You really think it's that easy? Mate, I know how to get into recovery, and I wish I could right now. But it's a real hard brick, read the forums. It's happening to many users.

    And by hard I meant it will NOT enter recovery under any circumstances. Bootloader is the best it can do right now.

    When trying to enter recovery it either gets a bootloop like usual, or just shuts down altogether. That's it. There's not even recovery anymore. Something is massively screwed.

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