Call disconnection on Pro M1

AJ1AJ1 Level 3
edited December 2020 in ZenFone Max Pro Series

Regularly I'm facing call disconnection while on call for more than 5 min. If on call for more than 5 min, call is getting disconnected automatically. Firmware. 87.

It's interrupting while on important call.

Troubleshoot done - Cleared app/system cache. Disabling, enabling app, restarting app, hard reseting the device, same issue persists in safe mode also. Visited SC 2 months before, it was sorted but again now started facing this issue.

What to do now? New issues observing day by day while using the 📱. It's getting irritated to have such📱& use it where there are unending issues & only 1 solution for all issues resetting the device or visit SC & nothing else. I also generated bug report for this device, in report I can see all status was FAILED. As still looking into it for understanding bug report. I had taken SS for hug report, but didn't find that in generated bug report 📂.

Now I want to replace this with new one. Totally, dissatisfied on this one. I had heared lots of positive ones & other asus zenphones but not so much - ve ones, now after practically using this 📱 for 3+months I get to know of this issues.As my other phone was dead I need to buy a phone but as other brands phone were out of stock, this was the last option for me to buy at that time.


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