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I have been using the phone for last 2 weeks. So far I am happy with the phone. I would like to request two features from the software development team of Rog 3.

1) Option to hide the Gesture Hint pill - Saw a picture earlier in the forum that cn version of Rog 3 firmware has this feature. Roms from OnePlus , samsung etc have this feature. Please implement it in ww rom. ( Currently using wm overscan function to hide gesture pill, it's not a good solution and the overscan option is removed in android 11)

2)Option for more comprehensive adjustment of display color temperature ,tint etc. The available option of adjusting color temperature is not producing best results and the display still looks warm (personal preference) and like a dirty piece of paper .Option to adjust individual colors of RGB is needed as seen in many roms. Also please work with independent rom and kernel developers to help them to implement full KCAL color adjustment support.

Please consider adding these features while also fixing the black crush issues. Another outrageous request (if I may) is to include an option to hide status bar(always) in rom , Currently it can be done from adb , but that option is also removed in android 11.

Thanks for the great device and rom

Keep up the Great work.


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