Data usage bug!? Dual sim in rog phone 2 (ZS660KL - WW Version)

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Guys i'm having an issue! Got a DATA plan for 100Gb but i turned data limits toggle on here:

BUT the issue is that i have 2 Sim Cards in my rog phone 2!

If i choose the SIM 1, the phone says there is no data, even though the toggle is on.

If i change internet for SIM 2 (CALLS SIM), all works normally and the limit is bypassed!

Any ideas how to fix this?

F*cking anoying because i was able to reset the limit in Android 9 but in Android 10 i can only raise the limit without ANY EFFECT!


If anyone has any ideas how to fix it let me know

Else i'm formatting my Phone because i need DATA daily 😐

Have 2 Sim CARDs!

Slot 1 is a DATA CARD for INTERNET only with a data plan of 100Gb per month!

Slot 2 is a SIM used for calls and the rest.

Using Android 10 latest firmware WW-17.0240.2009.49

All stock and not rooted! Didn't unblock the bootloader


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