Screenpad Extension Mode

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  1. System: ZenBook 15
  2. Battery or AC: All plugged in and powered up.
  3. Model: UX534F
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Missing Software option
  5. Reset OS: Yup
  6. Screenshot or video: Sure


Detailed description:Just started up my brand new ZenBook 15 UX534F. The Extension Display mode on ScreenPad is completely unavailable. It does not show up when I press F6. The only options that are available are: Screenpad Mode, Traditional Touchpad Mode, TouchPad is Disabled. Where is the other mode?


  • Hello dec.10.87,

    For screenpad 2.0, extension mode is included in screenpad mode.

    you may move windows in to the screnpad under screenpad mode.

    Thank you.

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