Why is the ZF7 doing worse in battery tests than the competition?

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In basically every battery test I've read (recent reviews, after initial updates) the ZF7 is doing worse than the competition with smaller battery's (like Mi 10 Pro) and sometimes higher refresh rates (like OP8, 8T)

Can we expect further optimisation, since the big battery is a huge selling point but it's actually doing worse than other flagships?


  • For comparison


  • Which firmware are you on? X. X. X. X.24 drained and overheated my battery like crap.

    Updated to x. X. X. 44 now it lasts all day almost 12hours on screen time sing gps, chats, some gaming

  • I'm not talking about my personal battery life, only about the battery life test from several reviews.

    I can't judge battery life now because I'm on A11 beta currently.

    I used .24 before beta and the battery life was the same as it is on beta now

  • Yes, is definitely worse than my previous ZenFone 6 despite the LCD screen. I hope the developers can fix this.

  • It does better in some tests and a little worse in others. Why? Hard to say since the reviewers don't disclose every detail. You would have to be there while they are doing the test.

    But the bottom line is that the battery life is still very good even though competition is catching up

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    I'm not complaining about battery life.

    It's just weird that pretty much all reviews (not only this one, for example anandtech, gsmarena) says that the battery life is underwhelming for it's huge battery size.

    How can a Oneplus 8 do better in several battery test even though it has the same specs and a 700mAh smaller battery?

    Edit: Even gets outperformed by a OP8 Pro which uses a 120hz display and 490mAh smaller battery

  • Perhaps, its doing worse because of missing MEMC support?

  • MEMC is much more likely to increase power consumptions since it changes the material to match the screens refresh rate. Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro changes the refresh rate to the material which is better.

    Could be that the screen OP8Pro uses draw less power. ZenFone 7 Pro does have marginally better battery but there are many more factors than battery size. This is why the electric car with the biggest battery won't necessarily have the longest range. OP8Pro is a good phone but both phones have their pros and cons. It's up to you which one that weights more.

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