How do I do special characters on my Asus zenbook?

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  1. System: Windows 10
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  3. Model: Asus Zenbook 13
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Detailed description:I know I can do certain letters with acute accents using Alt and my keyboard with standard settings but I want do do grave accents and cedillas. I have tried to activate the US International keyboard but it is not on the list available to select from Settings> Time and Language> add language, nor can I find it in options under the default English keyboard options. My numeric keypad is on my mouse touchpad and it doesn't work to produce special characters either. What can I do?

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  • You should switch to a keyboard language that has such special characters, like French and so on.

  • Hey thanks! Branah was really helpful - never came across it before. You could manage just with that if you are only typing, say, French words occasionally. Your tip about toggling between language input with the windows key + space was new to me too. So I can now do what I want to do - but it's a bit of a faff isn't it? It seems to me that the Alt gr key could be used on the English keyboard for so many more characters. Anyway thanks again :-)

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