Received wrong case which is covering the vent

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I bought Rog phone 3 a few days ago from flipkart. I received a case in box which is covering the air vent on the back. Due to which the phone is heating up.


  • The phone is NOT heating up becausde the vent is blocked lmao.

  • I got that case too I ordered the lighting armour case case the stock one doesn’t protect the camera bump, as a fix I just cut a little extra off that case to open the vent area works great now 😄😄

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    It does with mine, Just have to remember each phone is different and some will create more/less heat than others as some will also utilise the vent more/less than others.

  • I think the case is designed that way because mine covered the vent too. I think it is to protect against water splashes.

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    Why is the vent present then? Just for show? Its a proper heatsink connected vent which outputs hot air, you can see jerry's video for breakdown.

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    Sorry, but the vent does nothing unless you have air blowing from or into it. Heat is dissipated from the aluminium frame and back glass of the phone. DId you really expect a small hole output hot air without any fan?

  • No it doesn't. The hole is only there for the cooler do to basicially nothing but blow a little air inside. The heat is dissapated throtugh the front and back of the phone due to a massive vapor chamber and heatsink on the back. If you cover the hole that literally does NOTHING.

    It's a common misconception. The Phone does NOT overheat, the cooling is just better than other phones hence the phone wil feel warmer to the touch while the internal temps are MUCH lower.

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    So you're saying that air in the atmosphere doesn't move. Very interesting.....

    I think you need to go back to school buddy as anything big enough that moves in it pushes/pulls air.

    A few examples of the aero case that covers the vent that causes heat issues:

    I can be on the train and the phone gets hot with the case on as it covers up the hole and without the case it stays cool doing the exact same thing. The train has air-conditioning and is roughly 21 degrees.

    I was sitting in my car today for over an hour watching YouTube videos and after 25 mins my phone was so hot to touch so I checked in the armoury and it said it was 46 degrees with the CPU at 55-65 and GPU at 50-55 depending on clock speeds.

    I took the case off and in 20 mins I checked it again and it was down to 28 degrees with CPU and GPU between 35-42 degrees depending on clock speed (same speeds as earlier).

    So yes the little vent does help as the air around you moves meaning it can get air into the vent and utilise the chamber in the phone.

    When I first got the phone I put the case on straight away and transferred all my data from my old phone to this one and within an hour it was at 78 degrees with the CPU and GPU at 80! Tried the little fan and it didn't change temps within 5 mins so I took the case off and they went down within 10 mins to 50 with CPU still up at over 60 but no more thermal throttling.

    The aero case that covers the vent also covers more of the glass back so let's see if you can figure out what I'm trying to say. If not then you don't understand about heat transfer and should just stop before we have to start drawing pictures for you.

  • I thought that was a convection chamber and it works aerodynamically as the air in the chamber is heated it expands and draws cool air through the small entrance while ejecting the hot air out the larger exit 🤷‍♂️

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