After new System Update: google play system update still stucks on may 2020

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I had the August Update and the Icon was Green. Since I reinstalled my Phone a week ago and still after the newest Patch I'm sitting still in the May Patch. Any suggestions how fix it back?


  • @Helo ;PuweY I assume you've tried 'Check for update' but it says that your device is up to date, even though you are on the May update?

  • Dear Gustav, you completely right, I checked for update and since I bought the phone two months ago, there was always an update if I reinstall/reset my phone and I know I already had the August Patch. But duo some testing I had to install my Phone again and since this time it stucks with the May Update although knowing that I had the August Patch already.

    I did reinstall my phone again just to check if it wasn't just a bug, but it keeps staying at May even after 2-3 Phone Resets.

    I don't know if I have to bother, but I wanted to address it.

  • @Helo ;PuweY Sorry for leaving you hangning. Are you still having the same issue with Google Play?

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