Audio Drivers Not working

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One day I started up my pc and didn't see Realtek audio drivers installed. So I did the logical thing to do, I went to the motherboard drivers page and download it. For some reason I see the drivers install in program files (x86) instead of program files. I don't know why it does that and When I look at the files that are download its says "C:\Program Files (x86)\Realtek\Audio" I looked at my brothers files and they are in program files and its says HDA instead of Audio. My brother has the same motherboard software its from ASUS . My motherboard is TUF B360M-PLUS GAMING S. please help me


    1. System: 64-Bit Windows 10
    2. Model: TUF B360M-PLUS GAMING S

    Also, my default audio drivers were Nvidia High Definition Audio. I currently use Bluetooth to listen on my pc and that also is weird.

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