What just ate my battery here ?

Hello, I'm currently on .432 build ( Max pro M1 Android 10 beta 4 )

Coursera app has been hungry for battery and I decided to test and find out the reason.

For that, I charged my battery to 100% and started using the Coursera app. I did not use any other app ( might have opened chrome & whatsapp for a few minutes, say less than 5 minutes). My device might have stayed in sleep mode for an hour. I did not see any idle battery drain during that period.

Coursera app used 4% of battery and display used 4% of battery. 100 - 8 = 92. Currently my battery is at 77%. I have not used mobile data as I watched offline videos in coursera app. So, my question is what consumed my 15% battery. Those 15% are missing in the graph. 

I can understand that its an android device and hence there might have been some background activities running. Also speakers were used all this while. Other sensors might have also been running. Okay, I understand. But, it does not justify a huge 15% battery drain considering the fact that I did not even use the mobile data/ wifi all this while. Also my display brightness was just arround 40 to 45 %. 

Display should be the biggest battery drainer normally. I can't understand what is consuming more battery than my display and app that has been running all this while. 

NOTE: I have done a factory reset a few days back, All my apps are running battery optimised.

@Christine_ASUS @ander0727


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