Can't do live stream after the update I'm not able to live stream please fix this issue



  • @Gustav_ASUS it's already December now but we still didn't get any information about the update. I hope we will get update soon and solve this live issue. Please inform developers about this issue

  • @rubel123kiran We should hopefully have a fix out soon. Thank you for your patience so far!

  • Hello when I stream pubg with elgato through obs then voice is normal and when I open in mic in game then voice came from mobile speaker... Help me

  • srieeplaysrieeplay Level 1
    edited January 2021

    @Gustav_ASUS we have a problem on going live in gamegenie on asus rog 2 .it says network connection failed .stop recording.we are waiting for 4-5 months nearly...but still there is no updates from asus...please solve this problem and give gamegenie back as our new year present...

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